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The diversity of our supply chain is one of the many ways we offer distinctive value to our customers — by fostering economic growth in the communities they serve.

As a worldwide company that works with more than 250,000 suppliers ranging from multinational corporations to single-family farms in developing nations, Cargill has a wide range of organizations to tap.

We are continuing to take steps to diversify our suppliers: 

  • Participating in local and national organizations dedicated to stimulating the growth of minority-owned and woman-owned businesses.
  • Encouraging our employees to support small businesses and businesses owned by women, minorities or other disadvantaged groups when seeking new sources of supplies or services.
  • Participating in mentoring activities with the leaders of disadvantaged businesses.


If you are a diverse supplier as defined in our Supplier Resources page, and would like to proceed with registering, then select the potential supplier registration link and complete the process.

Upon submission of a complete and accurate supplier diversity registration form, certification(s) and/or verification(s), and your technical materials, we will review the entire submission. If your submission is complete, you will be notified via e-mail that your company’s information will be entered into our supplier diversity prospecting database where it can be considered by Cargill buyers and procurement professionals for future purchasing opportunities.

Here are some helpful hints to remember:

  1. Follow the process. Our registration process was designed to efficiently get suppliers information in front of our procurement professionals, while also collecting much of the information that will be needed if a business relationship is established.
  2. Research our company. Become knowledgeable about the products and services that are specific to our organizational needs.
  3. Emphasize the characteristics or capabilities of your company, product and / or service that make you stand out from your competition.

Be sure to keep your registration information update, including updating your certification information as the data expires.

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